Our Lockdown Challenge is here! We want to help you stay active during lockdown, and you can participate whether it's cardio you prefer or working out. And the great thing is, it's a collective challenge, because we're all in this together.


We believe in a varied and balanced approach to training. That’s why at Torque Movement our classes cover multiple, complementary facets of physical training.  Not only that, class formats also change week to week.

We incorporate games, interesting challenges, and have a unique combination of equipment and apparatus so that you’ll always be looking forward to the next class.
With a focus on Olympic Weightlifting, in our weightlifting class you’ll improve your strength and power. As with everything we do, technique is crucial and we work on an individualised progressive model with every client.
This means that anyone can do this class, no matter your strength or skill level! So don’t be afraid to give this class a try. You might find you’ll like it.
Expand what you thought was possible with how you move every day. Drawing upon various disciplines such as Gymnastics, Martial Arts and Rock Climbing, our movement class helps develop strong foundations not only for your movements but for all other exercises.
Is there an exercise or skill you want to perfect? The Skills class is the middle ground between a structured class and a personal training session, where you can build upon skills of your choosing.

When you want to feel the burn, drop into Intensity – our high intensity, circuit based class where you’ll encounter a wide variety of body weight and equipment based exercises.

Get a workout that’s guaranteed to take you to your physical limit!

Personal Training

Whatever fitness goals you may have, we can help you achieve them.  Beyond the usual equipment, our gym has an expansive open training floor, gymnastics apparatus and a rock climbing wall that will provide a training experience that is unlike any other gym.