About Us

who are we?

This facility was built on the idea of inclusive training. We keep an open mind, and consider the reasoning and benefits to all training styles.

We have coaches who teach specialized skills, but we encourage you to reach out and explore everything else that’s on offer. It’s all under one roof so there’s no reason not to!

Why Mix?

There are many benefits to delving into other sports and disciplines.  Doing so allows us to fill in the gaps, teaching our bodies to perform movements that we are unaccustomed to.

This concept has been drawn upon for many years by world class athletes. It isn’t uncommon to hear of swimmers hitting the gym, dancers learning hand balancing, or even weightlifters who benefited from being prior gymnasts.

We are always looking to add more styles to what we offer, so there is no limit to what you can learn here!

about brian

The first sport I truly committed to was Karate. Something that started off as a way to spend time with friends eventually lead to competition at a national level. Over the course of 10 years, I became obsessed with discovering the concepts and movements of other martial arts styles that ranged from boxing to Wu Shu.

My curiosity eventually led me to gymnastics, rock climbing, and Olympic weightlifting, all of which furthered my knowledge and helped me to push beyond conventional gym training. At this point I was convinced that there were incredible benefits to every discipline, and that limiting myself to any single one would leave gaps in how well I could move.

Upon becoming a personal trainer, the habit of mixing training methods and styles continued to expand. This paved the way to creating a place where I could continue to find those connections between different sports and movements, and to share that knowledge.

Learning a new skill isn’t always straight forward and everyone learns differently, so being able to draw upon the toolkits from varying disciplines can go a long way