What is Happening?

With these ongoing lockdowns, Torque Movement was on the path to closing since we had little to no access to any Government-supported funds.

However a few supportive members opened our eyes to the fact that Torque Movement means as much to them as it does to us, and that they would be willing to do whatever was necessary to keep the community going.

With that spurring us on, we’re now putting out a call to rally the team.

How Can You Help?

On-going monetary support will be required to help Torque Movement weather the storm and get to the other side.

We need $400 per week to continue to be operational during lockdown.
This would be 20 people pledging $20 per week to save Torque Movement.

We are giving ourselves 1 month to reach this number of community members willing to support us, otherwise we may eventually have to close.

We’ve set up a supporter subscription which is simply $20 a week to help reach this goal.

There’s also a super supporter option or the tip jar too if you’re looking for a one time contribution.

What Do We Plan To Do For You?

Currently we’re holding 4 online classes to help motivate the team and to keep everyone moving. Three run by myself (Movement, Boxing, Intensity) and one run by Bibi (Mobility). We encourage as many people to attend these classes as possible since more people = more fun and motivation for everyone!

I’m also running online personal training as well as personalised programs. These are a great option for anyone looking to start tackling some goals even if we’re stuck in lockdown.

From here, I’m asking everyone for ideas or requests as to how else I can help you during these difficult times. But you can also help us.


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